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The Jubilee Year: 180 anniversary of Helena Blavatsky

On May, 27th  an event devoted to 180 anniversary of Helena Blavatsky finished the annual lecture course of the Lecture Center of the SPBranch of the ICR .

The event was opened by Elena Yu.Tomsha, head of the scientific research section of the SPB ICR. She stressed the importance of the themes depicted in the Lecture Center of the SPB ICR in 2010-2011.

Elena Korchemkina, a lecturer of the SPB ICR, gave a video-presentation and a lecture about life and creative activities of the great Russian woman-philosopher. The lecture was finished by fragments of the film “What are you, madam Blavatsky?” (“Centrnauchfilm” production, 1991).

It is said in the preface to the Russian edition of the Secret Doctrine: “Knowledge is above everything. Each one who contributes a particle of knowledge is a benefactor of mankind. Each one who collects the sparks of knowledge will be a bearer of Light.”  It is Light that Helena Blavatsky brought to the mankind. All her life was a heroic deed devoted to bringing to the mankind of the most ancient knowledge and wisdom of the East.

She travelled all around the world three times, searching for the essence of  people’s relationship, learning psychic powers of a man, getting acquainted with traditions and cults of ancient world religions and teachings. Empathy with suffering, pain and sorrows of the mankind made her help people to find Truth. It is the ancient wisdom of the East where  Helena Blavatsky found the Truth and Essence of a Man’s Life.

In 1875 she initiated the “Theosophist Society”, Henry Olcott, the British Army colonel,  became her fiend and  helper. The Theosophist Society aim was “to form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood without distinction as to race, color, sex, caste and religion."

Helena Blavatsky knew that no truth was accepted apriori and she predicted that “The Secret Doctrine”, her main creative work,  would be partly accepted only in the XX century. The space investigations and research of atomic energy made the world scientists  study “The Secret Doctrine” in 1950s.  Within every year new scientific discoveries prove the scientific predictions of Helena Blavatsky given in “The Secret Doctrine” which only partly opens Truth to the world.

Celebration of 180th anniversary of Helena Blavatsky :

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