Scientific research section of the St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR

1. Collects, analyzes and studies information on scientific research, discoveries and inventions useful for popularization of the Roerichs heritage knowledge, Blavatsky’s works, cosmists and other outstanding figures and realizes cooperation with the scientists.

2. Develops and realizes scientific programs and separate research work connected with revival of the Institute “Urusvati”, founded by the Roerichs in 1928, India.


1. Parallels in philosophical and religious teachings and ancient knowledge with modern scientific achievements;
2. Properties of psychic energy, including fields and radiations of living organisms and the conditions of their studies;
3. New ways of development of metasciences, associated with cosmic thinking;

4. Formation of the new methodology required for the formation of the future science.

To achieve these goals, the St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR establishes cooperation with scientific institutions in Russia and other countries, paying particular attention to cooperation with the Joint Research Center of Problems of Cosmic Mind (JRCPCM, Moscow), St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the International League of Protection of Culture, the International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT) in India, as well as the Branch of Science and Technology of India and other scientific organizations in the country.

the St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR participates in and conducts

1)conferences, exhibitions, seminars and meetings in Russia and abroad;

2) laboratory, expedition, archives and other scientific research work

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