St.Petersburg Branch of the International Center of the Roerichs organizes travelling exhibitions in schools, orphanages, boarding-schools, museums, scientific centers, veteran’s hostels, exhibition halls and other cultural, educational and enlightening institutions.

The exhibitions are good illustrative material to lecture about life and creative work of the artists: Nicholas Roerich, Svetoslav Roerich, Ivan Shishkin, Isaak Levitan, Ivan Iyvazovskiy. They show space achievements, form in young people love and care to nature, inspire young hearts to Beauty and Knowledge.

The exhibitions have additional information on stands, the exhibitions are followed with lectures, video films, literature (albums, books, booklets).

Exhibition terms – 2-3 months

For information and orders please phone: +7911 288 8482 +7905 286 2089

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White Nights in Saint Petersburg, Russia from on Vimeo.

We exhibit:


OLEG VYSOTSKY, a painter-cosmist, is one of the representatives of modern cosmism, a scientific, philosophic and artistic school in Russian culture. Cosmism depicts unity of a man and space, inner spiritual world of A Man and Universe. Cosmism essence is transformation of the world and humanity through beauty and infinite perfection of spirit.

The artist’s paintings are in museums and private collections in Russia, as well as abroad.

OLEG VYSOTSKY. Waterfalls Series. 1997

Nicholas Roerich. REALM OF ROERICH

An exhibition of copies of Nicholas Roerich’s paintings. Nicholas Roerich belongs to a galaxy of outstanding Russian and world cultural figures. He is an artist, a humanist and enlightener, a philosopher and a scientist, a prominent public worker. He left large pictorial heritage: about 7,000 canvases, which are kept in museums and private collections of Russia, India, the USA and other countries. A complex of scientific, ethical, cultural and philosophical ideas is depicted in the Master’s paintings.

48 framed pictures, size 40x50 cm.

Nicholas Roerich. The Book of Life. 1939

Nicholas Roerich. REALM OF LIGHT

An exhibition of copies of Nicholas Roerich’s paintings.

26 framed pictures, size 35x45 cm.

Nicholas Roerich. Sergius, the Builder.1924

Svetoslav Roerich. MESSAGE OF BEAUTY

An exhibition of copies of Svetoslav Roerich’s paintings and the artist’s photos of different period of his life. Versatile creative work of Svetoslav Roerich, a world-known painter, philosopher and enlightener concentrated on searching meaning of life, deep self-cognition and revoking of creative thought. The artist’s creative work fundamental was Culture understanding as Life, Beauty and Art unity. On Svetoslav Roerich’s initiative the International Center of the Roerichs was founded in Moscow. The richest heritage of the Roerich Family became its basis after it had been passed to the ICR by Svetoslav Roerich in 1990.

10 framed pictures, size 40x75 cm.

Svetoslav Roerich. Naggar.1924

Svetoslav Roerich. CALL OF BEAUTY

An exhibition of copies of Svetoslav Roerich’s paintings, depicting versatile creative work of the world-famous artist, philosopher and thinker, an outstanding public figure. Svetoslav Roerich’s creative work makes a valuable contribution to world culture treasures. His paintings, saturated with the Himalayas mountains light and inexpressible colors of India’s versatile nature are bright realization of the artist’s idea about beauty, art and life unity as Culture basis.

26 framed pictures, size 40x50 cm.

Svetoslav Roerich. Nature Mort. Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, India.


An exhibition of copies of paintings of Russian artists: Ivan Shishkin, Isaak Levitan, Ivan Ivazovsky, Nicholas Roerich, Nikolay Ge, Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, Andrey Shilder, Lev Lagorio.

35 framed pictures, size 45x70 cm.

Ivan Ivazovsky. Fishermen on the Riverside. 1852


An exhibition is devoted to great public figures of Russian culture of XVIII-XX centuries: to philosophers, scientists, poets, musicians, painters, who had new cosmic understanding of the world. Their creative work bore principal vectors of synthesis of human cognition, i.e. religion, art, philosophy and science, influenced deeply on formation of new cosmic thinking. The exhibition consists of photo stands wit portraits, biographies and sayings of the prominent creators – Messengers of cosmic evolution.

20 photo stands, size 50x60 cm.

Photo stand about Fyodor Tyutchev


An exhibition of photo stands depicting various sides of reality: nature, a Man and Space, their interaction and unity. The photos show light properties of matter on its different levels: from minerals, plants, a man to cosmic phenomena. Art works, stars-clusters photos and living organisms radiation photos, made with the help of new scientific methods and devices illustrate deep unity of micro- and macrocosmos evolution cosmic laws.

35 photo stands, size 115x60 cm.


The "R.Tagore – Indian Culture Messenger" exhibition is an exhibition of photos and documents about life and creative work of the greatest son of India Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath Tagore was a Nobel Prize laureate, a poet and playwright, a composer and an artist, an outstanding public figure. It was Tagore who with his aspiration to beauty, harmony and tireless creative work opened Indian Culture to the West in the XX century.
The exhibition contains photos, photographic documents and copies of Rabindranath Tagore’s paintings from funds and private collections of India. The exhibition depicts multi facet and creative life of the greatest humanist of the XX century.

40 photo stands, size 30x40 cm



"On the Master’s Route" is an exhibition of artistic photos taken by Lyudmila V.Shaposhnikova, Director General of the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich (Moscow), a world-known scientist, Jawaharlal Nehru Award laureate, academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the K.E.Tsiolkovskiy Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, honored art worker, the chief-editor of “Culture and Time” journal. The exhibition shows photos of the places connected with the Central-Asian Expedition of Nicholas Roerich (1923-1928), taken by L.V.Shaposhnikova in 1970s during her scientific research work in Altai, Mongolia, Tibet and India.

43 photo stands, size 30x40 cm


On the Master’s Route


Mahatma Gandhi – Great Soul of India” exhibition shows photo documents about Mahatma Gandhi’s life and world-known activity of the great political and spiritual leader of India. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – a world-known leader of India for independence. His life and activity were devoted to the unity of India, to independence of its peoples. Mohandas Gandhi was a follower of Leo Tolstoy’s idea of non-violence resistance; he devoted all his life to non-violent resistance to the British Empire power in India. It is his peaceful activity that initiated liberation of India from the British colonialism and revival of India as a independent state. A lot of photos and photodocuments are exhibited for the first time.

45 photo stands, size 30x40 cm


Mahatma Gandhi

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