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First Youth Inter-Parliamentary Assembly CIS Forum houses the “Roerich Pact. History and Modernity” exhibition, Tauride Palace, St.Petersburg


The Forum was initiated by the Youth Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of CIS. The Forum aim is to develop international cooperation and parliamentarism, to impulse political and social activity of the CIS young people. CIS Youth delegations took part in the Forum: they included young parliamentary members, representatives of the youth policy governmental departments, youth organizations and movements’ representatives, young scientists, teachers and cultural workers of CIS.

On October, 24th, the second day of the Forum in Tauride Palace housed gala opening of the Russian part of the International exhibition project the “Roerich Pact. History and Modernity” dated to 80th anniversary of signing of the first Treaty for protection of artistic, scientific, historical monuments (the Roerich Pact). The Treaty was initiated by Nicholas Roerich, a Great Russian artist, thinker, public figure, and signed in 1935 in Washington by the USA and 21 Pan-American states.

The international Project “The Roerich Pact. History and Modernity” started in 2012 in Geneva. Since then the Project traveled through France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India and Belarus. Since February, 2014, the exhibition travels through Russia.  St.Petersburg was the 41st city in RF to house the exhibition; from September, 25 to October, 18 the exhibition was held in the Russian National Library and was a great success.

The organizers of the exhibition in Tauride Palace were: the Youth Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of CIS, the International Center of the Roerichs (Moscow), the International Committee for preservation of the Roerichs Heritage, the St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR.

The exhibition showed materials and photo documents of the International Center of the Roerichs on the Roerich Pact and copies of the Roerich paintings about Russia and spiritual deed.

On the threshold of the exhibition opening, on October, 22, the Cupola Hall of Tauride Palace housed a concert of Miklavčič Dalibor, a famous organist of Slovenia, laureate of international contests, professor of Ljubljana conservatory, and president of Slovenia Organ Society. The program included masterpieces of organ music of J.Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Nicolaus Bruhns, Samuel Rousseau, and Louis Lefébure-Wely. The concert took place against a background of the “Roerich Pact. History and Modernity” exhibition, which showed a lot of copies of N.Roerich paintings. The concert was an example of arts synthesis: music and paintings were in admirable cooperation and created gala atmosphere for perception of great composers’ works.

On October, 24th the participants of the First Youth Inter-Parliamentary Assembly CIS Forum came to the gala opening of the “Roerich Pact: History and Modernity” exhibition in the Cupola Hall of Tauride Palace. Elena Yu.Tomsha, chief of scientific department of the St.Petersburg Branch of the International Center of the Roerichs, led the ceremony; she warmly welcomed the guests and congratulated them with the opening of the exhibition.

Aleksey I.Sergeev, the General Secretary of the IPA CIS Council, the head of the Secretariat, greeted the public. Aleksey I.Sergeev stressed the fact that the exhibition is placed in the Tauride Palace which is not only an architectural monument but an object of cultural heritage under the UNESCO protection. It was in the Tauride Palace that the 36th session of the UNESCO Committee of World Heritage took place in 2012, noted Aleksey I.Sergeev. The General Secretary also stressed importance of the exhibition during the First Youth Inter-Parliamentary Assembly CIS Forum. He said: “I think this is symbolic because Nicholas Roerich’s life and creative work is a unique example for a young person how to start one’s life. I hope that the Forum participants while viewing the exhibition can find answers to some of their exciting questions”.

Aleksandr V.Stetsenko, vice-president of the International Center of the Roerichs and the first Deputy Director General of the Museum by name of N.K. Roerich, greeted the public on behalf of the leadership of the International Center of the Roerichs and told the audience about the International project the “Roerich Pact: History and Modernity” and its travelling along the world countries. He reminded about the most important Roerich’s idea – the Pact basis – “Peace through Culture”. “Roerich considered that Culture is honoring the Light. Light is energy of Beauty. It is this Beauty energy of high artistic work that transforms a man as well as the surrounding world. When there is no Beauty there is war and destruction, there are armed conflicts which we are witnesses of nowadays… The biggest problem is to preserve peace on Earth. We hope that this project will remind people Roerich’s idea about preservation of culture. I wish you, young parliamentarians, who would determine the future of our planet and of the states where you will work, that Nicholas Roerich’s idea on protection of culture would become basis of your activity”, said Aleksandr V.Stetsenko.

Aleksey I.Sergeev, the General Secretary of the IPA CIS Council, added that the project the “Roerich Pact: History and Modernity” would travel not only through Europe, Asia and Latin America, but through the CIS countries as well. His suggestion was met with applause.

E.A.Tomsha, the project coordinator, chairman of the St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR, addressed the participants of the ceremony with words of welcome; he noted importance of the exhibition and the IPA CIS forum in Tauride Palace which is the headquarters of the IPA of CIS countries. Eduard A.Tomsha briefly described the exhibition, paying attention to the sections telling about urgency of the Roerich’s idea nowadays and about history of the trinity sign. The trinity sign is the most ancient symbol of all people all over the world including people of the CIS countries.

The Roerich Pact in its 3 article contemplates the Banner of Peace which is based on the ancient Trinity sign. The Banner of Peace should indicate historical monuments, museums, scientific, educational and cultural organizations of the countries that signed the Treaty and undertook to observe the Treaty articles during war as well as in peace.

On behalf of the International Center of the Roerichs A.V.Stetzenko and E.A.Tomsha handed the Banner of Peace to the IPA CIS to A.I.Sergeev, the General Secretary of IPA CIS Council, and to A.A.Oganesyan, the IPA CIS coordinator.

Arpina A.Oganesyan, the IPA CIS coordinator, concluded the ceremony, thanking the International Center of the Roerichs for cooperation, noted “there and then” symbolism of the exhibition and called the ceremony participants to active protection of cultural heritage.

The ceremony created special atmosphere of unity, high mood, readiness to cooperation and mutual understanding and focus on the future work. The participants watched the exhibits; members of the St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR answered their questions.


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