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VESTI TV Channel: Russia and India will create Museum of the Roerichs in Naggar (India)


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The Roerichs’ heritage is of great cultural value for Russia as well as for India; and Russia is ready to take part in its preservation on federal level, said Dmitry Rogozin, Vice-Chairman of the RF Government, who came to Naggar (India) to take part in bilateral meeting of The India-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade, Economic, and Cultural Cooperation.

Russia insists in raising the status of the Roerichs’ Estate-museum in Naggar (India) – it should become an international, spiritual, cultural and scientific-research center. In India the work had been done on the local level. “The Roerichs are more than Russia’s trace in India or India’s trace in Russia. The Roerichs brought love to India, to these wonderful colors and scenery to the Russian intellectuals who in turn brought it to Russian people. If there are any problems we are ready to solve them on Federal level”, stressed he.

Twenty years ago, in June 1992, in Naggar (India) there was founded the International Roerich Memorial Trust. Since then an old estate in Naggar, West Himalayas, the Himachal Pradesh State (India) changed into a place of cultural and spiritual pilgrimage of people from all over the world. The estate has become important not only for Kullu people but for all citizens of the Region and it has become one of the attractive sights of the Northern India which is visited by 100,000 people every year.

In three months the scientists carefully studied and registered more than 8 thousand of exhibits, 49 paintings by Nicholas Roerich and Svetoslav Roerich, 102 stone statues of gods and characters of the ancient Indian epoc. There were also registered 392 memorial items which have never been registered earlier. The final register includes also lists of zoological and herbarium collections made by the Roerichs and described by the Russian experts who worked here in 2010, the ITAR-TASS reports.


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