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Books of the ICR Publishing House for the Russian National Library Funds, St.Petersburg, RF


On May, 25th,2009 the Russian State National Library in St.Petersburg celebrates All-Russia Day of Libraries and 214th anniversary of the Imperial Public Library. Every year on this day (May, 27th) workers of the library and city libraries  meet for gala event. Friends of the Library, the consulates representatives visit the Library, concerts, exhibitions are held on the Day. The most valuable books are usually presented to the Funds of the Library on this Day.

In 2009 we celebrate three jubilees of our famous citizens: 135th birth anniversary of N.Roerich, 130th birth anniversary of Helena Roerich and 105th birth anniversary of S.N.Roerich. For the date the International Centre of the Roerichs prepared a gift for the Russian National Library: works of the Roerich family , published by the ICR. The books: “Diary Leaves” by N.Roerich in 3 volumes, Letters of Helena Roerich in 8 volumes, “Art and Life” by S.Roerich and “Buddism and cultural unity of Asia” by George N.Roerich.

The gifts were presented in festive atmosphere on May, 29th,2009. E.A.Tomsha presented the books to the Russian National Library director Zaitsev V.N.. The diploma of the Russsian national Library was given to the ICR representative, E.A.Tomsha.

Interest to the Roerich Family creative heritage rises with every year, now St.Petersburg citizens have the opportunity to work with the printed works of the Roerichs in the RNB, one of the largest libraries of the world.

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