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Project «Nicholas Roerich’s Paintings Online»

On August, 20th,2009 city news portal “” in cooperation with the St.Petersburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs  opened a new Project: “Nicholas Roerich’s Paintings Online”/ The Project is in commemoration of 135th birth anniversary of Nicholas Roerich, famous artist, scientist, traveler, philosopher and public figure.

Every day visitors can see one of the paintings of the great artist with artistic description of the history of the picture creation. The virtual exhibition will finish by Nicholas Roerich’s jubilee on October, 9th,2009.

Nicholas Roerich is important not only for St.Petersburg but for the world culture. Unfortunately his paintings seldom can be seen by the people.  For example, the Russian Museum in St.Petersburg keeps 433 paintings by N.Roerich, which are not shown to the public, except two exhibitions during last 15 years, where only several pictures were exhibited.

N.Roerich’s creative heritage is enormous: more than 7 thousand paintings which are in the most known museums of the world as well as in private collections, to say nothing of his numerous writings: books, articles, diaries.

N.Roerich was born in St.Petersburg. He studied here in the University and in the Art Academy, for more than 10 years he was the director of the School of the Society for Encouragement of Arts (the Imperial Society for Encouragement of Arts), in 1909 he became an academician of the Russian Academy of Arts.

By creating a virtual gallery we tried to exhibit the best from the cultural heritage of N.Roerich.

So, welcome to the Online Galery of Nicholas Roerich on “”. The first virtual hall contains a story about Roerich’s paintings in the St.Petersburg Russian Museum and N.Roerich’s biography.


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