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75 anniversary of the Roerich Pact Gala Events in the Museum by the name of Derzhavin, St.Petersburg, RF


In 2010  the world community celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Roerich Pact known in the world as the first International Treaty on protection for historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions. The Treaty was signed on April 15, 1935 in Washington by the representatives of 21 nations of North and South Americas at presence of the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Nicholas Roerich, famous Russian artist and philosopher, writer and archeologist, scientist, traveler and well-known public figure initiated the idea and the treaty. To commemorate the jubilee  on June, 10th,2010  “75 anniversary of the Roerich Pact” exhibition of photo documents from the archives of the International Centre of the Roerichs was opened in  the Museum by the name of Derzhavin, St.Petersburg, RF . There was also Round Table  “Museums in modern Russia: problems and future”.

The organizers of the gala event: All-Russia Pushkin Museum, International Centre of the Roerichs (Moscow), the Museum by the name of Derzhavin, St.Petersburg, the SPBranch of the ICR, Museum-Estate of N. Roerich in Isvara (Leningrad area), Non-profit partnership «The World of Traditions» (Moscow), with the support of the State Duma Committee on Culture and Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. The event was supported by General Consulates of India.

“Baltic Kamerata”, a string quartette (headed by honored RF artist M.A.Taube) opened  the event with playing of Russian and foreign classic music. The musicians, most of them laureates of the international contests,  created atmosphere of beauty and  grandeur.
The speeches were made by Nekrasov S.M., director of All-Russia Pushkin museum and E.A.Tomsha, the chairman of the SPBranch of the ICR, who told about the Pact movement in the XX century. The greetings from The State Duma Committee on Culture and from the ICR (Moscow) were read. 

The  exhibition includes photos of the 1930s about the Pact singing in the White House, the USA, on April, 15th,1935, and reproductions of the Roerich’s paintings devoted to the Pact and to the Banner of Peace. The Banner of Peace is a symbol of protection of cultural values. This symbol shows three red spheres in a red circle which symbolizes unity of Science, Art and Religion in Culture. The sign was worked out by N.Roerich after deep investigation of the world culture. The exhibition shows the sign in art, icons, architecture, in various epochs and in the world peoples culture.

The exhibition photo documents awoke deep interest of the guests: museum representatives of St.Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the Karelia Republic representatives, public and  students of St.Petersburg.
The participants discussed the role and importance of   museums in modern life and public activity of N.Roerich which is greatly important  for protection of the world cultural heritage nowadays. The modern museums are not only places for storage   of cultural values. Museums in the modern world are social centers that do active scientific, public and enlightening activity. Modern museum become transmitters of eternal values, of spiritual experience of humanity.
The Round Table was within the frames of the “75 anniversary of the Roerich Pact” exhibition of photo documents from the archives of the ICR (Moscow). The Round Table was attended by:  the St.Petersburg Culture  Committee, management of  leading museums of St.Petersburg and Leningrad Region, the International centre of the Roerichs (Moscow), Director Board of the museum agency of the Leningrad Region, specialists in museum work of St.Petersburg.

The following matters were discussed: museum role in protection of cultural values and national cultural heritage of Russia; problems of acquisition and recruitment, questions of research, storage and restoration of museum fonds; educational and enlightening possibilities of museums; modern media and the Internet technologies; problems of public museums; experience of interaction  between public and state organizations; role and importance of museum in N.Roerich’s works.

The Round Table speakers were: Morozova N.P., candidate of philology, head of the Derzhavin museum (St.Petersburg); Petrova N.V., head of the exhibition hall of the State “Pavlovsk” museum; Agamalyan L.G., candidate of cultirolohy, head of Literature museum of the Pushkin House (Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Russian literature and language); Ivanova T.A., head of the travelling exhibitions of the ICR, member of  professional unit of the International Artist Federation; Tomsha Ye.Yu., head of the scientific department of the SPB ICR; Shlyakhtina L.M., candidate of pedagogy, Museum Science and Excursions Chair of St.Petersburg State University of Culture and Art, member of International Committee on Museum Science of International Council of museums (ICOM); Kiryanova V.T., architect, “Doctor Vinter Dacha”, Sortavala, Karelia Republic; Bulatova T.Yu., laureate of regional contests and festivals, honored worker of education of RF, Schekino, Tula Region.

The gala events finished with folk concert of “World of Traditions: Russia and India”. St.Petersburg State ensemble “Barynya” (Timokhina T., honored artist of RF, head of the ensemble), “Joy of Life” ensemble (St.Petersburg Club, Antonova N.F., the head of the ensemble) took part in the concert. Music, songs and dances of the fold ensembles showed unity of Russian and Indian cultures.



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