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«Devas Dancing Party»


November, 14th is Javāharlāl Nehrū’s birthday (1889-1964), the famous prime-minister of Independent India. On this day India celebrates Children’s Day - “Devas Dancing Party”. Javāharlāl Nehrū said that children are inspiration source, full of energy and hope, and the nation’s future is in irreproachable care the society gives to children.

On this day the local administration usually appeals to parents and teachers for help to children in order children become responsible members of the country. Javāharlāl Nehrū dreamt to see children with a sense of dignity, sure in their strength and power and future possibilities.

Various events for children, games and awards are usually held on this day. Charitable gifts are made, results of national and international competitions are declared.

“Devas Dancing Party” for children in honor of the Day took place in Volosovo Children’s Art School, Leningradskaya Oblast (Leningrad Region), RF, on November, 15th . The festival was organized by the International Centre of the Roerichs (the St.Petersburg Branch), Consulate General of India in St.Petersburg and “Russian Children Fund”, the Leningrad Branch of All-Russia Public Charity Fund.

Two schools took part in the festival: Volosovo Children’s Art School by name of N.Roerich, Zemlyanikina N.Ya., the head teacher, and “Luga Boarding School”, Shagov T.M., the head teacher (Luga, Leningradskaya Oblast (Leningrad Region), RF.

Young artists of the Volosovo Art School made an art exhibitions of painting on the theme: “Javāharlāl Nehrū. Devas Dancing Party”. Mrs.R.Lokesh, the Consulate General of India, who was the chairman of the jury, examined a lot of beautiful paintings of the young artists. It was too difficult to choose the best work that were awarded gifts and prizes from the Consulate General of India and from the St.Petersburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs. The first award was given to Yugrinova Olga’s work “Javāharlāl Nehrū in the Kullu Valley”. Olga is a student of the Volosovo Art School by the name of N.Roerich, she got the First Degree, the work was presented as a gift to the Consulate General of India in St.Petersburg, RF.

Participants and guests of the festival listened with great interest to Javāharlāl Nehrū’s biography and to the history of the festival, which were given in the video lecture by E.A.Tomsha, Chairman of the St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR. The lecture was called “November, 14th - a birthday of Javāharlāl Nehrū”.

There was a quiz for the school children: “Russia and India. Bridge of Friendship”. The quiz was prepared by St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR. Both school teams showed good knowledge of the theme. The winners were awarded with diplomas and gifts.

The festival finished with a nice concert prepared by folk ensemble “Lada” (Volosovo Art School), singers and dancers of dance ensemble “Luzhanochka” (Luga Boarding School. The concert participants included laureates of various competitions, including the All-Russian ones, they wore beautiful colored costumes, sang folk Russian songs, and danced beautifully. All concert participants got gifts. The children were glad with the festival and a tea-party.

So the Indian tradition of celebrating of Children’s Day was harmoniously realized in Russia.


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