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«Indian Mosaic” International Festival in the St.Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design

On February, 12, 2019, the “Indian Mosaic” International Fectival was opened in the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. The  organizers were: the St.Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, The Embassy of the Republic of India in RF, The Consulate General of the Republic of India in St.Petersburg, the International Memorial Trust of the Roerichs, The St.Petersburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs, The Kerala Art College, India, the International Children and Youth Festival “Russia-India: from Heart to Heart” and others.

Council Hall
The  gala opening of the “Indian Mosaic” International Festival and of the “Gandhi Digital Exhibiton” of the Embassy of India in RF, which was held in the Council Hall of the Academy,  was greeted by the Anna Kislitsyna, acting rector of the Stieglitz Academy. Since last year the Indian Republic and the Stieglitz Academy connections  “have become stronger and we consider that it is culture that makes them stronger», she noted. Various representatives of Europe and Russia have been interested in the East and in the Indian culture; Mahatma Gandhi played great role in the liberation movement that led to India's independence, she said.
Anna Kislitsyna reminded the guests about the last year events which took place thanks to support of the St.Petersburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs, and Eduard Tomsha personally. “It was not only the exhibition: there were movies and meetings with the previous Consul General of India in St.Petersburg Mr. Arum Kumar Sharma. Twice during last year we had meetings with Mr. Pankaj Saran, the Embassador of India in Russia, and had mostly serious talks, we spoke about the intentions to restore close ties in the field of culture. And today exhibiton and the “Indian Mosaic” festival  is one of these intentions”, she added. Anna Kislitsyna also noted the Stieglitz Academy representative Lyudmila Kirsanova’s active role in the cultural cooperation with India and thanked Mr. Deepak Miglani, the Consul General of India in St.Petersburg, for his for his willingness to cooperate with the Stieglitz Academy in the field of culture.

The opening of the Festival was visited by  representatives of the Committee for External Relations, Committee for Science and High School. Committee for Youth Policy and Public Youth Organizations, Committee for Tourism of the St.Petersburg Administration, as well as the acting head of the St.Petersburg Central District  administration.
Mr.Deepak Miglani greeted the Festival on behalf of the Embassy of India in Moscow, and J.Neru Cultural centre. He noted that the Mahatma Gandhi Digital exhibition is part of the Festival of India in Russia; the festival started in September, 2018 and will last till March,2019 in 22 cities of RF. Mr Deepak Miglani stressed: “They say, you can never  appreciate your present and your future, if you do not introspect about your past. The idea of organizing this exhibition on the life and on transformation of India by the leader Mahatma Gandhi is this:  We, Indians, believe that Mahama Gandhi was not only a gift for India, but for the whole world. The main purpose of the exhibition is to show in 150 anniversary  the Mahatma Gandhi’s life from the South Africa and the changes he brought to India on his return there”. Mr.Deepak Miglani thanked the Stieglitz Academy, Anna Kislitsyna, and Ludmila Kirsanova for holding the exhibition in the historical and prestigious Academy.

Mr. Bartenyev Aleksandr, head of the academic museum, said that the exhibition “The Roerchs is a bridge of culture and friendship between Russia and India”, which was prepared by the International Centre of the Roerichs and St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR, reminded him of “the exhibition, which in 1975 took place in the State Hermitage. That exhibition was brought first to Moscow, then to Leningrad by Svyatoslav Roerich. I remember that we, the Academy of Art studentsб were eager to get to the exhibition.Today among a lot of interesting exhibitions in the festival there is an exhibition devoted to the Roerichs. The Roerichs is a great part of Russian culture, Russian achievements, Russian art, these people walked along the streets of this city, in the late 19th and early 20th century”, he added. “Of course, our today exhibition is not a so great bridge but nevertheless it is a smaller bridge between our two countries”.
Further, Anna Kislitsina gave the floor to Eduard Tomsha, the Chairman of the St.Peterburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs, and noted that the Academy Stieglitz formed the most friendly relations with the St. Petersburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs.

Eduard Tomsha greeted the public on behalf of the International Cetnre of the Roerichs and its St.Petersburg Branch and congratulated everyone on the opening of this remarkable exhibition, which is dedicated to the greatest figure of the XX century - Mahatma Gandhi. He said that 150 years is a period of time during which evolution of many countries changed its direction to peace, to realization of the fact that Mr.Deepak Miglani mentioned today, i.e. “non-violence is an important factor in communication and interaction” not only in policybut in economics and culture as well. And this is the future that Mahatma Gandhi defined in his message to the mankind”.

Eduard Tomsha said that 2019 is a jubilee year of the Roerichs: it is 145 birth anniversary of Nicholas Roerich, 140 birth anniversary of Helena Roerich and 115 birth anniversary of Svyatoslav Roerich. The Roerichs lived in St.Petersburg, the second part of their life they lived in India. It is great that two jubilee data we are celebrating  in the Stieglitz Academy thanks to Anna Kislitsyna and Mr.Deepak Miglani. Today we also celebrate one more important day: 140 birth anniversary of Helena Roerich and the “Indian Mosaic” festival opening is not accidental: it stresses the spiritual and cultural connection between India and Russia as such great people made a basis for interaction and communication of our countries, for perspectives of cooperation between Russian and India. Eduard Tomsha noted that last year there were 2 exhibitions and this year there 7 exhibitions, he wished the festival success in future in the Stieglitz Academy.
Marges Tamara, the International Children-Youth Festival of Russian and Indian friendship “Russia-India: from Heart to Heart” curator, told about the International Youth Festival history and how  the ICR and MMRT volunteers organized the festival to implement children hearts beauty in their creative work and show this in exhibitions. She read the greetings from the Russian and Indian MMRT curators. A sculpture of Sarasvati, Indian goddess of wisdom, art and knowledge, was presented to the Stieglitz Academy. Tamara Marges noted that they had held already 18 exhibitions, and this one, the 19th, includes 3 exhibitions: “My Favourite India”, “Russia by Indian Children’s Eyes” and “A Bridge to Russia and India Friendship History”.
Mr.Deepak Miglani, the Consul General Of India in St.Petersburg, Tamara Marges, and Anna Kislitsyna awarded the students who won a 1st degree diploma.

White Hall of the Stieglitz Academy  Applied Art Museum
The White Hall housed a gala opening of the “The Roerichs is a Bridge of Friendship between Russia and India” exhibition, which is dedicated to the jubilee 145 birth anniversary of Nicholas Roerich, 140 birth anniversary of Helena Roerich and 115 birth anniversary of Svyatoslav Roerich; the exhibition shows the ICR photos and documents describing life of the Roerichs.The exhibition also shows reproductions of Nicholas Roerich and Svyatoslav Roerich paintings of different periods, as well as an exhibition of books published by the International Centre of the Roerichs.

Mr.Deepak Miglani, the Consul General of India in St.Petersburg, visited the exhibition and noted its importance to understand the Roerichs’ historical value in strengthening friendship, culture and cooperation between India and Russia.

The academic building hall housed the “Russia-India: from Heart to Heart” exhibition of young artists from India and Russia (R.Tagore school in St.Petersburg) and participants of the International children and youth festival, which was devoted to 70 anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and India and to the 25 anniversary of the MMRT (XP, India).


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