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17.06.2012 SPB ICR Lectures about N.Roerich’s series “Banners of the East”


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Since September, 2011 till May, 2012 a lecture series by the St.Petersburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs was held in the History and Culture Library (72, Marata st., St.Petersburg, RF). The lectures were devoted to Nicholas Roerich’s series “Banners of the East”. The Roerich series was painted by the artist during famous Central-Asian Expedition.

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18.04.2012 "Rabindranath Tagore – Indian Culture Messenger" Lecture in a District Library, St.Petersburg, Russia


"Rabindranath Tagore – Indian Culture Messenger" lecture was readin a district library in St.Petersburg, Russia. The lecture is within the "R.Tagore – Indian Culture Messenger" exhibition, which has been made by the St.Petersburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs through support of the Consulate General of India in St.Petersburg.

Tatyana Aleksandrova, a SPB ICR lecturer, presented the lecture which was followed with a video-presentation showing photos and documents about life and creative work of the greatest son of India Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel Prize laureate, a poet and playwright, a composer and an artist, an outstanding public figure brought Indian Culture to the West in the XX century. Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry, music and cultural work greatly influenced the Indian fight for independence and contributed to revival of the national spirit of India.

The audience heartedly greeted the story about one of the greatest Indian outstanding figures.

04.04.2012 The Roerich Pact: the past and the present

Five days to discover the career and the commitment to peace and protection of cultural heritage of Nicolas Konstantinovitch Roerich (1874 -1947), Russian humanist, painter, writer, archaeologist.

This exhibition, organized by the International Centre of the Roerichs (ICR), traces the life of Nicolas Roerich, his commitment through the history of the Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace, and twenty years activity of the Center dedicated to the promotion of the Pact.

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28.03.2012 Russian studies in philosophy

L.M. GINDILIS AND V.V. FROLOV. The Philosophy of Living Ethics and Its Interpreters.

The Roerich Movement in Russia.The spiritual crisis and spiritual revival of the twentieth century.

A publication of the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. Lev Mironovich Gindilis is a candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, a full member of the Russian Academy of Space Travel, and a senior research associate of the State Astronomical Institute. Viktor Vasilevich Frolov is a doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, and head of the philosophy department and dean of the Humanities Faculty at the Moscow State Forestry University. A.V. Stetsenko helped prepare this article. Translated by James E. Walker.

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14.03.2012 “Saint Sergius of Radonezh. Nicholas Roerich’s Painting “Serguis, the Builder” (1924)” from the “Banners of the East” Series – a Lecture in the Russian National Library, St.Petersburg, Russia.


March, 14, 2012, a lecture about Roerich’s painting “Saint Serguis, the Builder” (1924), from the “Banners of the East” series, took place in the Russian National Library lecture hall in St.Petersburg, Russia. The lecture was presented by Tomsha E.A., the chairman of the St.Petersburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs.
Saint Serguis of Radonezh’s image is a part of the Russian people consciousness; and up to the present Saint Serguis is taken by the Russian people as the teacher, the father and the inspirer. He is the spiritual Guide, “the fair judge, the healer of spiritual and bodily feebleness and the defender from enemies of all kinds”.

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12.02.2012 “Musical Art in Life and Creative Work of Helena Roerich”, the third lecture of the cycle in the Lecture Hall of the Russian National Public Library (St.Petersburg, Russia) in 2011-2012.


The third lecture of the cycle was held in the Lecture Hall of the Russian National Public Library on February, 12, 2012. The meeting was dedicated to 133 birth anniversary of Helena Roerich, a philosopher and thinker; her birthday is annually celebrated on February, 12.

The lecture theme was: “Musical Art in Life and Creative Work of Helena Roerich”. The lecture was presented by E.A.Tomsha, the chairman of the St.Petersburg Branch of the ICR, a member of the Russian Union of Concert Workers. He spoke about unknown pages of Helena Roerich’s life connected with music. E.A.Tomsha mentioned influence of musical art on formation of a harmoniously developed man and spoke about musical knowledge basis from the Living Ethics’ point of view.

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13.01.2012 198th Anniversary of the Imperial Public Library

January, 13th, 2012 the Russian Imperial Public Library celebrated the 198th anniversary. Several festive events were devoted to the anniversary: a scientific conference - “N.N. Figner’s Archive: new acquisitions of the IPL” - was held in the conference hall of the main building of the IPL; a unique exhibition “Talent Wins Time: Some Materials from N.N.Figner’s Archive” was held in the Manuscripts section of the IPL. There were exhibited letters, diaries, photographs of the musician. In the Korf’s hall of the IPL there opened an exhibition “Literature about Russia, published abroad. New acquisitions”.

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